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Watch Einstein's Messengers on the Web


The PDF file student_studyguide.pdf contains the student questions for use with Einstein's Messengers.  

Teachers can download and print this file for distribution to their students. Students can respond to the eight short-answer questions during the showing of the movie, although the teacher may need to occasionally pause the movie to allow a moment for the students to write.  

Four extension questions are provided. These will generate open-ended responses suitable for class discussions or for additional writing.


The PDF file teachersguide.pdf gives sample responses for the student questions.

References to the portions of the movie that pertain to individual questions are listed. The teachers guide provides additional background on many of the questions above what students might be expected to learn from the film.  

The answers to a number of the questions don't converge on a single fact or idea. Teachers should expect a variety of meaningful responses to these open-ended items.