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Einstein's Messengers and National Science Standards

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Student Study Guide and Teachers' Guide

The table below lists themes of “Einstein's Messengers” that relate to science standards which appear in SFAA, BSL and NSES. The column on the right lists outcomes related to the themes and standards that students could accrue from watching and discussing the film.




Science ideas change over time


Recognize that important scientific ideas can change

Einstein's model of gravity, general relativity


Contrast Einstein's model of gravity with
Newton 's

Wave behavior


Recognize the similarity between gravitational waves and other types of waves

The role of technology


Recognize that interferometers are new tools in the search for gravitational waves

Models are scientific tools


Recognize that computers are essential in constructing models of star collisions and similar events

Sociology of Science


Describe the size of the LIGO project in terms of numbers of scientists, engineers and students involved

Human values in science


Describe the role of curiosity in the advancement of science